Gluten Free at the Braves Game

Play Ball!

I am so excited to let you know that the Braves stadium, Turner Field, has Gluten FREE food.

I always research before I go anywhere (it is always helpful to know ahead of time where you are going so you can research and look at the menu). Thanks to‘s informative blog, I was able to walk right behind section 106 to gluten-free freedom.

DSC02438-225x300The Gluten Free cart offers chicken sandwiches on rice buns, beef burgers on rice roll, beef hotdogs, kettle chips, popcorn, brownies and cookies.  They also offer RedBridge beer. Unfortunately, by the time I got up to the front of the line they were sold out of beer and chicken sandwiches.  I’ll let you now next time how the sandwiches are. I did get RedBridge beer though at the very front cart/stand right when you enter the stadium.  Mr. Arnold was our “beertender.”  Very sweet and nice man.  Thanks Mr. Arnold!

Enjoy the gluten-free fun at the Braves game now my fellow glutenies.


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