Car Organizing {part 2}

Recap on steps to de-clutter your car:

  1. Empty everything out of your car.  Get rid of all the trash.
  2. Clean car (clean yourself or take to car wash).
  3. Make piles (ex: kids toys (if you have kids), CD’s, car related information, etc).
  4. Storage (be creative and create your own or purchase at any local store).

It is best to tackle and organize the car every season and restock all your kits.

Additional items you may want to consider:

  1. Extra set of clothes for just in case (change out every season).
  2. Purchase or make an emergency car kit.  Check out my shop to see the car emergency kit checklist.  Additional items you may want to include are tire gauge, flares, help sign, screwdriver, work gloves, old towels/rags, and motor oil. I always carry an extra bottle of water  just in case the car were to ever overheat.
  3. Survival kit, especially if you are traveling or live in cold weather.   This kit should include candles, lighter, non perishable food, water, garbage bags, rock salt (kitty litter also works), blanket(s), socks, hats, gloves, ice scraper, and extra set of clothes.

Remember when I said this is your time to be creative with storage?  Well this is what I came up with…


This is an old planner that I had. So, instead of spending money on a  organizer to put my owners manuals, pens, note pads, I used this planner.  I still had the notes section of the planner, so I left that in there and in the back I put my owners manual.


I decided I wanted a place to keep all my car information, so I created this 3 ring car binder.  I divided the binder into 5 sections.

1. Nissan Dealership

2. Recall or Warranties

3. Service (this includes dealership service or non-dealership service)

4. Oil Changes

5. Misc.

In the inside pockets, I put coupons (car related coupons such as % off at oil change places, car washes, etc).

I took all of my CD’s and imported them into iTunes (this took a few hours).  Then downloaded/synced to my iPhone, which can be connected to my stereo system.

The car console is neat and organized with extra pens, sticky pad, eye glasses, change for tolls, and sand sanitizer.


I kept my “trash container” that my mom gave me years ago.


Note: Make sure to empty this out regularly (don’t ever put liquids in it).

I already had the trunk storage organizer, which now holds the first aid kit and any additional items that I’ll need stored when running around town.

Check out my store to see the First Aid Kit inventory list (make sure to restock every 3 months).

The pink container (found at Wal-Mart for $5.00) is the emergency car kit.


I included jumper cables, bottled water, tire gauge, and extra light bulb for tail lights.

I have also put together the car survival kit, which is stored in my garage (I’ll put it in my car when it gets colder).

I’m really enjoying my organized car.  Hope you do too!

Want to send me your before and after pictures of your organized car, tips, ideas?  Send them to

Remember, planning makes perfect!


One thought on “Car Organizing {part 2}

  1. I need to take a Saturday and organize me little Altima. My biggest problem is keeping everything from sliding about in the car while driving, so I love the idea of a trunk organizer. I will definitely be picking one up.

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