Keurig Coffee Brewer

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my thoughts about the Keurig Coffee Brewer. It is AWESOME!

I’ve dreamed of owning a Keurig for the last year and over the weekend, my hubby FINALLY got the beautiful coffee brewer for me (thank you, thank you!!!).

You ask, what is the Keurig? The Keurig is a gourmet single cup brewing system that offers coffee, tea, hot coco, apple cider “k-cups” and brews in under a minute.  All I can say is it is awesome!

I’m loving that I can walk downstairs, turn it on and let it heat up (about a min), put in a K-Cup and select 8 ounce or 10 ounce cup (takes under a minute to brew). I can do all this while I’m feeding my cats.  Unlike a regular coffee pot, where you have to wait 10 mins. for it to brew or skipping the coffee pot all together and getting a coffee at the coffee shop (usually about $5.oo per day, $100 per month, $1200 per year), the Keurig is so simple, FAST and it is always consistent and the flavors are so yummy!

I purchased the Keurig B40 Elite Brewer Coffee Maker for $119.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond (I used coupons).


I also purchased:

  • K-Cup Variety Pack (pack of 60) for $38.99 (.65 cents each per cup..super inexpensive).


  • K-Cup Filter for $17.99 (a reusable K-cup so you can use your favorite brand of fresh ground coffee).

02063554_ziOf course being the organizer that I am, I had to buy the Coffee Pod Drawer Holder ($24.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond). After I got home and started organizing the K-Cups in the drawer, I realized I didn’t have enough space (some would have to stay in the box).  I couldn’t handle that disorganization, so I got back in the car and headed to BBB for an additional drawer.

$(KGrHqZ,!g4E8k7G)6rHBPNjwQf5W!~~60_35Remember, planning makes perfect!


5 thoughts on “Keurig Coffee Brewer

  1. Hello there. I discovered your site by way of Google even as looking for a similar matter, your site came up. I have bookmarked your site and will check back often. Thanks for the good post!

  2. I purchased a Keurig coffee machine for my wife a couple of months ago. It has now become a necessity that we cannot live without. The problem is trying to narrow down a flavor that we can both enjoy.

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