Closet Makeover {part 2}

Being motivated to keep your closet organized is sometimes a struggle, especially since it is usually just you who sees what is in there, but if you wake up to clutter or disorganization, you start your day off cluttered and disorganized.

My goal was to give all our closets a makeover.

Goal/Timeline: Have all closets completed by the end of September (which I did.  Held off on posting this because I wanted to add it in the Organizing Extravaganza week).

Budget: $200 on master closet

Budget: $100 on other closets

So, here are the before and afters for closet makeover {part 2}.

Master Closet

I really wanted to get rid of all the wire shelves and have a custom closet installed, but I remembered I was on a budget and why spend the money (although a big selling point) when we are going to sell this home in a year or so. So, with that in mind, I was on the hunt for wire shelving.  Wal-Mart had the shelves and at a great price (good budget find).

So, I got out the drill, tape measure, level and began the master closet makeover (my hubby came home from work, found me on the ladder and just laughed).

What I purchased:

2 – 4 ft  shelves at $14.00 each

4 – 3 ft shelves at $13.00 each

5 packs of clear shoe boxes (comes with 5 in each pack) at $5.00 each

Total Spent $115.00 (including tax)

It took me about 4 hrs. to put up all the shelves and organize.

I might need more shoe space (I have 70 pairs of shoes and counting).  I also put a hanging shoe rack on the back of the closet door (I already had this) that holds my flip-flops and summer sandals.  My scarfs and belts are hanging on the back of the master bedroom door (I had an over the door belt rack).

I’ve always grouped my clothes and organized by color; the closet makeover allowed me to do a better job of that. On the left side is my winter stuff (I have heavy sweaters folded and in my dresser) and hanging items. The back wall has my summer clothes on top and fall clothes on the bottom. Heavy jackets (some were in the guest room closet) are in my downstairs coat closet. Having everything grouped, makes it quick to find what you need when you need it.

Note: if you have an iPhone/iPad, you can download an app called Closet. This wonderful invention allows you to take a picture of each item (shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry, etc), stores it in your virtual closet and puts outfits together for you ( the movie Clueless). It’s awesome!!! It has put things together that I would have never thought about. : )


What I still want to do:

1. Take pictures of each pair of shoes and put on the outside of the box.


2. I’m going to start doing this trick, because I have way too many clothes that I say “I’ll fit into that again” or “I’ll eventually wear that.”  So, the trick is, put a shopping bag in my closet, so when I come across that piece of clothing that doesn’t fit right, I’ll toss it in the bag and then once the bag is full, I’ll drop it off at Goodwill or a donation center.

Tip: I started planning my outfits (make sure it fits) 1-2 nights before, that way I’m not rushing the next morning to get dressed.  I have an over the door hook where I hang my outfit(s). I lay out my Miche shell and accessories on my dresser; accessories make the outfit, so don’t get caught in a rush and can’t find that important piece of the outfit.

Remember, planning makes perfect!


One thought on “Closet Makeover {part 2}

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