Holiday Decor – Christmas {part 3}

Congrats to reader, M.C.! You were the first person to e-mail me and won my challenge of guessing what symbol inspired my Christmas decor this year. Well, as M.C. guessed, it is the fleur-de-lis that inspired my Christmas decor. I decided to do a fleur-de-lis, peacock, Old Hollywood themed Christmas tree and decor (I have … Continue reading Holiday Decor – Christmas {part 3}

Holiday Decor – Christmas {part 2}

source I'm so excited for tonight!  Why you ask?  We are putting up the Christmas tree and decorating! Remember, my post Holiday Decor - Christmas {part 1} where I talked about wanting to decorate differently this year?  Well, can you guess what inspired me?  I'll give you a hint....the theme is a certain symbol that is repeated constantly … Continue reading Holiday Decor – Christmas {part 2}