Shaggy Carpet Repair

Sometimes the appearance of  rugs and carpets can get out-of-control… especially if you have pets!  So, what do you think I did about my out-of-control rug last night?  I bet you can’t guess…

We have a rug under our dining room table that our cats love to scratch.  After looking at the rug for the last several weeks and doing nothing about it (because who has time to do what I’m about to tell you), I just couldn’t take it anymore!! In my right hand I had a pair of scissors and in my left hand I had the hose to the vacuum cleaner.  Clip clip, vacuum suck up, clip clip, vacuum suck up.  I did this for an hour. I wish I had a picture to show you,  but of course I had to do this activity before my husband got home to see the insanity (he arrived home as I was finishing up and just laughed). Finally, my rug is back to normal and looks perfect!

FYI, there are companies around your area that will shave the carpets or rugs to restore them.  Genius!!!!


I saw this picture and thought it fit perfectly with this blog post. Too bad I couldn’t have my cats do the work, considering they messed up the rug.

Remember, planning makes perfect!


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