Countdown to Christmas


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

3 Day till Christmas!  I’m so excited, but extremely busy cleaning and still shopping. Yes, the Planning Makes Perfect Queen is still shopping.

I’ll share with you my to-do list that needs to be completed before Saturday.

  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Touch up paint in the dining room (I decided to paint our dining room last Friday – pictures to come after the Holidays)
  • Sheets on the guest room bed
  • Clean master bathroom (the other bathrooms are already cleaned)
  • Move the Christmas tree to a different place in the family room
  • Finish shopping and wrap presents (includes presents for the cats)
  • Grocery shop
  • Cook Christmas Eve dinner (we have my family and my hubby’s family coming over; there will be 12 of us)
  • Buy additional dinnerware (everyone needs a plate to eat on, right?) and drinking glasses

I think that is it for now. I’ll try my best to post pictures of our dining room tablescape and decorations by Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Remember, planning makes perfect!


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