It is time for change…

2012 is the year for change, at least when it pertains to my blog. Since I am starting a new business, it is time for some changes for the blog, as well! In other words, Planning Makes Perfect will be getting a facelift!!!

There is always room for improvement, don’t you think? You know how excited I get to tackle any type of organizing project, so I’m SUPER EXCITED about doing some renovation to this blog…are you ready?

Here you go:

  • Changing the name of the blog (just a bit).
  • Creating a custom page that will allow me to add a header and logo
  • New fonts and colors
  • Project gallery
  • Add reader spaces
  • Add sponsors, which will possibly bring freebies.
  • Real time blogging (I’ll actually be able to show you while I’m in the process of doing something, instead of the “finished product”).
  • My Services!  I can’t wait to finalize my services and create a shop for you to purchase organizing products. It’s truly been a dream – to create my blog into a business.
  • More write-ups on dilemmas and solutions.

I am glad you are sharing in the excitement with me on the future of the blog!

Remember, planning makes perfect!


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