Hello World – Again!

I originally posted “welcome to my blog” back in August 2011 and because of YOU, the blog TOOK OFF.  After six months of writing, I decided to take everything down and give the blog a facelift.

When I originally posted, I mentioned how I wanted to turn my passions into a career by starting my own business.  Six months ago I never thought starting my business would come SO fast.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I could spend every moment working on events, organizing, decorating and DIY projects. Some of my favorites tasks (you might think I’m silly) are using my label maker, cleaning my house, making sure everything has a place, organizing my pantry and cabinets, re-arranging (this drives my hubby a little nuts), making checklists/forms, and counting inventory. I feel great when everything around me is organized and has its place, but I still continue to think how can I make this better…

This blog is about organizing, DIY projects, design, event planning, fashion, gluten-free food and pieces of my life.

Planning Makes Perfection blog is my place to share all my moments in the starting of my business, my home projects, organizing and designing ideas, event planning, recipes and much much more.  I also want YOU to be a part of this blog.  I would love to know how you keep organized, plan parties, your ideas and opinions, etc.

I am in the process of launching my services and online shop, which I am very excited about! Check back soon!




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