Organizing and Decorating Ideas for Rentals

I was inspired when my cousin mentioned she has limited space in her rental home. The minute she mentioned that, I started wracking my brain.

My first thought was color.  Most rental homes have the necessities, but rarely provide color.  Typically, rentals offer bland white walls.

Cream colored/white walls are great when you think of them as a blank slate – allowing you to be creative and add pops of color EVERYWHERE!

Here are some ideas to create a warm and inviting room, even with white walls:






For the smaller areas of your rental, think about double-duty furniture.

Headboard storage is wonderful and is a perfect as a feature wall.  Bookshelves are easy to make. It is one of the accessory items that is an inexpensive purchase (Target or Wal-Mart). Always add colored bins to create pops of color.  That is a good tip even if you don’t have a rental.

Always think VERTICAL.



My favorite storage essentials are baskets and bins.  They are great for under bed storage and bring color to the room without much effort.



Back of the door storage is ALWAYS the first place I would start when living in a rental home or in small spaces.  Using every space to organize and keeping it clutter free is key.  The best part about back of door storage is…you close the door and it is hidden. Always a plus!



Additional tips:

  • Command hooks are your friend. Always have a stash of these in different colors and sizes.
  • Re-purpose furniture.  Check your local thrift stores for the perfect end table that you can repair and paint or a chair that you can recover.
  • The best way to add touches of color are to place candles, throws (small blankets) and of course pillows within the room. I suggest getting standard pillow inserts (purchase from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s and use coupon) and pillow covers. Pillow covers will allow you to change every season or when you decide on another color scheme for your room.

So, for the renter who faces the dilemma of not being able to paint the walls…bring in color through candles, throws, pillows, storage boxes, baskets, bins, lamps, picture frames, and art.  Have fun!

I know for a fact these organizing solutions mixed with the white wall dilemma remedies (no longer a dilemma, right?) will create a beautiful, comfy home. Enjoy!

Feel free to send me pictures of how you created a colorful and organized rental home!



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