Purr-fect Pets…{part 1}

Many of y’all know that I’m the loving mama to three cats. Just to recap – we adopted Cici and Boots four years ago and they are the best of friends.  A couple of months ago we inherited Tuxie, an eight month old kitten.  Tuxie doesn’t quite like Cici and Boots, although it is getting better. The vet assures us they will eventually get along, but she said that it will take time – maybe up to a year.

I’ve been researching “how to get your cats to get along” and have come up with a few ideas. This issue inspired this post.

When it comes to cat training, I’ll leave it up to the experts to write the articles.  Below is an article written by Sheila Segurson and posted on bestfriends.org. From my research, I thought this information was the most useful.

With cat training about to begin, it is only fitting that I prepare a pet zone. Here are a few ideas I’ve found that have me inspired:




While looking for ideas on “pet zones,” I found this website, Pretty Fluffy, that inspired me to create  my version of a pet first aid kit and checklist.

To purchase the pet first aid kit checklist, click here.

Now that I’m inspired by these wonderful ideas, I need to create my purr-fect pet zone.  Do you think Tuxie, Cici and Boots (“Tuxciboo” – their combined celebrity name) new pet zone will encourage them to get along?  We’ll see!  At least their mama will be excited about their newly organized pet zone!



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