Organizing Jewelry

I have to share with you my GREAT organizing find that I purchased over the weekend.  I’ve been eyeing this $500 jewelry armoire for months and yesterday afternoon I stopped into Kirkland to see what was on sale.  I couldn’t believe it… the jewelry armoire that I have been admiring for months was on sale “as is” for $124.00.  I asked the sales clerk why so cheap and she said the armoire is missing the legs.  I couldn’t resist…a $376.00 savings! I asked her if she would consider reducing it even further due to a few scratches.  The manager agreed to do so and reduced it to $100 even.  I said “SOLD!” It gets better because I had a $25.00 coupon.  My final sales price…you got it, a whopping $75.00 for a piece that was originally at $500.00.  Yes, let’s do the math…a $425.00 savings.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???  Now that’s what I call a GREAT DEAL…maybe the deal of the century!!!

Purchased from Kirklands

For those of you who don’t have a jewelry armoire, I’ve found some great DIY  jewelery organizing ideas.







I would love to hear about your great deal of the day or how you organize your jewelry, so please send me an email at



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