Ideas and To-Do List


I am constantly coming up with new ideas and finding inspiration from other blogs, Houzz and Pinterest.  I sometimes get a chance to write them down on my Household Project checklist in my Perfect Household Planner and others, well, I forget (I’m hoping they’ll pop back into my head eventually). So, since I can access my blog  from my iPhone, computer, iPad, etc.,  I figured the blog was a great place to keep a list of my ideas and inspiration, so I created the Ideas and To-Do List page.

As the projects are completed I’ll check them off, so check back often to see what’s new and what has been completed (yes, of course I’ll post about the projects and the results)!

Foyer and 1/2 bath

  • Turn the bookcase into a command center
  • Paint 1/2 bath


  • Fresh new color of paint
  • Menu board
  • Organize Recipes
  • Organize pantry and throw up expired items

Dining Room

  • Organize buffet server
  • Organize china and space to store
  • Paint crown molding

Family Room

  • Lower the curtains
  • Caulk fireplace mantel


  • Clean it out
  • Finish creating Pet Zone
  • Organize all tools and supplies

Master Bedroom/Bathroom

  • Change out closet door to french doors
  • Redo closet
  • Expand the shower with seat
  • Paint

Laundry Room/Linen Closet

  • Create new storage space for dirty cloths
  • Coordinate the storage boxes
  • Paint laundry fun, bold color
  • Remove shelves and redo linen closet (including paint)


  • Switch rooms with guest room
  • Get rid of all the filing cabinets except for one (in the desk) – go Green!
  • Create new filing system

Guest Room

  • Switch rooms with office

Craft Projects

  • Scrapbook


  • Find a space to organize and store vases and candles
  • Repaint black armoire
  • Make labels for everything

I’m looking forward to getting started on these projects and sharing the results with you!  Please check the Ideas and To-Do List page frequently.


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