Armoires – Extra storage

To maximize space in any room, consider using pieces of furniture that are “multitaskers”, such as armoires.  Learn how the armoire can become your new favorite piece and can be used in any room!

An armoire can be used in the following:

Dining Room


A Dining Room armoire can be used for storing entertaining pieces such as, wine glasses, serving trays, table cloths, etc.

Home Office


Turn an armoire into your home office. The armoire can store all your office essentials or just your computer…if interested in going paperless.



Looking for that ONE place to store all games, CDs and DVDs?  This armoire is your answer!

Kitchen and Baking


A re-purposed armoire can be used to store your frequently used items such as your mixer, blender, toaster, mixing bowls, juicer, crock pot, etc.

Arts and Crafts


A craft armoire is perfect to lend some creativity. Use chalkboard paint on the outside of the armoire for writing notes or use peg board on the inside to organize your craft essentials, like scissors. The options are unlimited!



“A designated play space keeps kids’ crafts and toys in one main location. Low drawers and bin-lined shelves store toys at kid-level, while the top shelf is reserved for board games. A built-in desktop provides plenty of creative space for projects or homework. The chalkboard and bulletin boards inside the doors are perfect for doodling or displaying artwork. Stenciled letters add instant character to these plain white drawers, and they help kids easily find what they are looking for. Labeled drawers transform your kids’ clutter into an orderly play space and keep items out of sight when they are not in use.” ~Better Homes and Garden website.



The more closet space the better!  Cute and decorative bins and boxes can be used to store belts and accessories and the shelves can be used to store handbags.  A mirror could be hung on the door.

Pet Supplies


An armoire is a perfect place to create a pet zone. Having your pet’s treats, toys, supplies and food in one place keeps things tidy and organized…what a purr-fect idea!  It is helpful to have everything in one place, especially when you have a pet sitter. My pet zone is slowly coming together; check back soon for the reveal.

Linen Closet


There is not much space in my compact linen closet, so the thought of turning an armoire into an additional “linen closet” excites me.  Towels, linens, bedding, all in one space!

Coat Closet


I would love to turn an armoire into additional cold weather supply storage.  The drawers could be used to store gloves and scarfs. What a perfect solution for a small entry way.

Hope these pictures have inspired you to make some fun changes with your armoires.



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