Our Organized Garage Sale {part 2}

Last week I posted about preparing for our garage sale that we held last weekend.

Preparing and setting up for a garage sale is not an easy task.  In this post, I will share with you how we had an organized, successful garage sale.

1.  Preparation – It took several weeks to go through everything in the house and then of course setting up the night before and day of the garage sale (5 am wake up call). Preparation is what takes the longest since you have to go through everything and decide what you want and what goes.

2. Advertise – Since it was a neighborhood garage sale, they posted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and put signs around the area and of course, in front of the neighborhood. We also took it upon ourselves to do a few online posts about the garage sale.

3. Setting Up, Categorize and Clean – when setting up for a garage sale remember to spread everything out on tables or display shelves and display in categories like you would see at a store. After everything is set up, make sure to clean everything –  make your items look like new. For example, if selling a mirror, then clean the mirror to get rid of finger prints.  Spray the clothing that you are selling (which should be hanging, if possible) with a fabric freshener.  The “newer” the item looks, the more likely it will sell!

4. Pricing – Be certain to have everything clearly marked. We marked the majority of the items with pre-printed priced labels.  We purposely left the larger items unmarked so we could negotiate.  When someone asked the price, we would start high and negotiate from there.

I created a sign with prices and displayed for everyone to see.


5. Money Bag – we used a waist purse as our “money bag.”  I would suggest getting $100 in cash ($70 in ones, $25 in fives and $5 in coins).

6. Mark it Down – remember the GOAL of the garage sale is to get rid of everything. As you are nearing the end of the garage sale, begin marking the items down.  You want to sell and not take anything back into the garage.

7. See ya, stuff! – yay!  The majority of your STUFF, if not all if it, should be gone. Congratulations to living in a more clutter-free space.  DO NOT BRING THE LEFTOVER STUFF BACK INSIDE YOUR HOME- call one of many charity centers to schedule a pick-up of the leftover items that did not sell.

Becoming more and more organized and living in a clutter-free space is truly gratifying.  Having this garage sale has changed how I think about STUFF.  All of the items we had on the tables, racks, and hangers are just things; yes some of the items were sentimental, but more important than STUFF are our memories, which is even better because ULTIMATELY we can’t take our STUFF with us when we go to heaven.  I’ve decided to keep up this “less is more” lifestyle and plan my purchases MORE AROUND NEED THAN WANT…NO IMPULSE BUYING FOR ME!

Well, the mission was accomplished…we de-cluttered and also made a profit of about $400. I would say a $400 garage sale was a successful one.

I hope this post helps you when thinking about planning a garage sale.

Have you had a successful garage/yard sale?  Do you have any garage sale tips?  Please let me know!



One thought on “Our Organized Garage Sale {part 2}

  1. Wow! $400 profit from a yard sale? I would say you did pretty darn well! That’s awesome!
    Right now my boyfriend and I are getting ready to move from our apartment into our new home. We are so excited, and as we are packing we are de-cluttering and getting rid of so much junk. It really does feel good to get rid of things that serve no purpose and/or no longer deserve space in your house. It almost feels liberating. I definitely don’t want to carry junk from one space to the next!

    Congrats on the successful yard sale!!! 🙂

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