Exciting News – I was interviewed for a book!

Last night, I was interviewed by Cynthia Murray, owner of Profitable Organizer. She is writing a book called  Ultimate Guide to Organizing.  How to Organize Yourself – Your Family – Your Home and it will be published in the next few weeks.  The audio version of my interview will be available in her e-book, which will be sold on her website.  I am so honored to be a part of this book. I will let you know when the book is published.

Below is the  interview transcript.

Cynthia: Hi Liz, thanks for being here, would you like to start off by telling us a little about your background and your experience with organizing?

Liz: I was born to organize and plan events. A passion/hobby turned career, allows me to be extremely creative and of course organized.  I specialize in organizing closets and kitchens. I’ve always had a strong desire to make sure everything has its own place and that every party detail is planned and goes off without a hitch. Combining the knowledge gained from earning a Bachelors  in Public Relations and my experience working in retail, event planning, and office administration positions, opening my business, Planning Makes Perfection, was a natural step. You can visit my website at www.planningmakesperfection.com. I am very passionate about organizing, event planning and decorating and love what I do!

Cynthia: It’s really great that you especially love organizing closets and kitchens. I think this interview is going to be very helpful to those struggling with these areas. Let’s jump right into the questions, shall we?

Cynthia: Let’s start with kitchens… What are some of your secrets for creating a perfectly organized kitchen?

Liz: I begin the process by grouping and categorizing like items together, such as pots and pans, glasses and mugs. I then create “stations.” For example, My husband and I are wine club members and in my kitchen, I’ve created a space for all of our wine related items. Such as a wine rack installed under the kitchen cabinet, corkscrews, diffusers and bottle stoppers are in the drawer, kept nice and neat in drawer dividers and the decanters are stored in a decorative basket next to the wine rack.

Cynthia:  When organizing a kitchen, where do you begin?

Liz: As I mentioned earlier, categorizing and putting like items together is critical to an organized kitchen. I also suggest having only one kitchen appliance on the counters to make the kitchen look less cluttered.

Cynthia: Regarding the kitchen pantry, what is the best way to organize?

Liz: Categorize food.  Store like items together in baskets, clear food storage containers, over the door shelves and always label. I also suggest having an inventory list. This list will make it easier to create a grocery-shopping list.

Cynthia:  Now, let’s dive into closets. There are all kinds of sizes, what are your secrets for organizing closets both big and small?

Liz: No matter what size, determine the three most troubled spots. The most commons troubled spots are lack of space, lack of shelving and lack of sufficient lighting.

Cynthia: How do you remedy these closet dilemmas?

Liz: To add more space de-clutter and purge.  A good strategy to implement is if you haven’t used it or worn it in over a year, get rid of it. To address the shelving issue, rearrange the existing shelves…raise some and lower others. To address the lighting issue, consider brighter bulbs, a different light fixture, or even a lamp.

Cynthia: How do you organize a closet more efficiently?

Liz: Keep only the clothing in season (off-season clothing can be stored in a dresser or under the bed storage containers), categorize like items together, color coordinate the clothes in the closet and hang clothes on matching hangers. 

Cynthia: Since you have a lot of experience with party planning, are there any skills you’ve learned that can apply to planning to stay organized rather than just organizing once and having old habits come back?

Liz: Always create lists and follow them.  For example, I’ve created over 50 checklists to keep my household organized and keep these lists in binders. I call this system The Perfect Household Planner.

Cynthia: Why are you both a Professional Organizer and an Events Coordinator? I don’t think I have ever heard of a Professional Organizer that is also an Events Coordinator. That seems to make you a rare breed.

Liz: In my opinion they are similar in nature. As both, no detail is overlooked.

Cynthia: People never seem to have enough hours in the day.  What steps can they take to make their lives easier?

Liz: 1. Prioritize, 2. Categorize, 3. Create lists and schedules, 4. Follow the lists and schedules.

Cynthia:  Do you have any last bits of advice to those out there struggling to get organized?

Liz: As I mentioned above, 1. Prioritize, 2. Categorize, 3. Create lists and schedules, 4. Follow the lists and schedules. If anyone has questions or concerns they can contact me and or visit my website for organizing solutions.

Cynthia: What is your website again?

Liz: www.planninmakesperfection.com

Cynthia: Thanks so much for letting us interview you today. You’ve shared a lot of valuable and practical tips people can put into action right away.

Liz:  Thank You!

Cynthia: Have a great day!

Liz: Thank you!  You too!

It was a great interview and I’m pleased with my answers. I hope these tips help you in your organizing projects.


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