Organizing for a move {part 2)


A couple of weeks ago in my Organizing for a move {part 1} post, I mentioned that my hubby and I decided that we want to put our house on the market and move to the city.  Well, that day has come faster than we originally planned. On Thursday night we found the perfect condo in the city and signed the paperwork.  We move into the condo on the 30th.  Yes, I know what you are thinking…7 days till you move? It is a bit overwhelming and fast, but thanks to my moving binder, it will be an easy, organized, stress-free move.

Creating a Moving Binder

  1. Create a binder (I suggest a 2″ binder) designated to the move. Don’t use The Perfect Household Planner.
  2. Create categories.  Everyone’s moving binder categories will be different.   There is no right or wrong way to categorize your binder.
  3. My moving binder categories are:
  • House Hunting – all the places we want to look at or have looked at with notes about the property.
  • Moving Checklists  – Guide to what needs to be done before, during and after the move.
  • Inventory Lists –  I have two types of inventory lists. 1) The overall house contents inventory list and 2) Inventory list of each boxes contents.  One inventory list goes inside the box and the second copy I will keep in the moving binder, so when we are unpacking, we can check to make sure we have everything.
  • Calendar/Schedule – This section is for appointments, moving company schedule, etc. My calendar/schedule has our appointments, walk through information, moving times, utility hookups, etc.
  • City Living – Condo – This section is for everything relating to the condo. The floorplan, contracts, documents, movers, utilities, etc.
  • Townhouse “For Sale” – This section is for everything relating to the sale of the townhouse. Marketing materials, contracts, information about the house, etc.
  • Utilities – This section will keep track of what utilities are at the condo and at the townhouse. This section will help keep track of appointments, turn on dates, service transfer and cut off dates.
  • Contacts – Any contact numbers you might need. Movers, utilities, leasing management company, real estate agent, attorney.
  • I also have an envelope labeled “Moving Receipts” that is kept in the front pocket of the binder.

Moving BinderMoving Binder 3Moving Binder 2Moving Binder 4moving labels

Now that the binder is created, it is time to continue packing and labeling the boxes.

Since we are moving in 7 days,  I’m sorry to say, we will not be doing the house reno as planned. However,  we are excited to come up with new organizing ideas and solutions for the condo and of course decorating.

Below are pictures we took of the condo we are moving into (they are pictures of the model).

I’m so excited!  Not only will we be living in the city, but did you see all that storage?  I can’t wait to start organizing and decorating.  Hope you come along with us on our moving journey…



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