Organizing for a move {part 3}


Packing is coming along nicely.  I’m a bit sad that we are moving from this house (so many wonderful memories), but so excited for our new adventure.

Since most people find the packing and moving process stressful (I love moving…yes, I know I’m weird) I decided today’s post will be about creating an organized, stress-free packing and moving experience.

Below are tips for a stress-free move:

Moving Binder

  • Create a color coded moving key
  • Create color coded moving labels that match the moving key

moving labels

  • Create a moving supplies basket. Keep moving labels, blank labels, packing tape, sharpies, and scissors in the basket. This allows you to just grab the basket and move to the next room without having to look for that sharpie or the packing tape. Your moving supplies basket at you new place should include scissors, box cutter, drill, screws, picture wire, picture brackets, screwdriver, hammer and nails to reassemble furniture and to hang pictures.

There are so many tips and tricks to get organized for a move. Would you like to share your moving tips with me?  Please e-mail me at

Good luck moving! I hope your move goes as organized and stress-free as ours has (so far).



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