Organizing for a move {part 4}

Last Monday was MOVING DAY and it couldn’t have gone smoother.  Of course you know that we started de-cluttering months ago, however decided to move within 7 days.  It was a bit fast, but thanks to my moving binder, moving labels, moving to-do list, moving timeline and our FANTASTIC movers (Mark the Mover) it was an easy, organized, and stress-free move.

A few moving suggestions I have for you are:

  • Research moving companies.  We found Mark the Mover from Angie’s List, read reviews and talked with the agent.
  • Know your rights as a customer when it comes to moving.
  • Pack one room at a time.
  • Label every box.  Create a color coded moving key and color coded moving labels that match the moving key.
  • Keep an inventory list with you, so when the movers are unloading your belongs, you just check that item off your list once it reaches the right space in your new place.  On my inventory list, I had the total number of boxes and the total number of boxes in each room.

Once the boxes were packed, my hubby moved everything to the first floor and arrange into categorizes. I have to say he is so cute because he said, “Liz, how about we arrange the boxes by categories that way we can make a detailed inventory list and count exactly how many boxes we have.”  I chuckled a little because my organizing habits are rubbing off on him.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures during the move because I left hubby in charge while I went shopping at IKEA. I must say when you can leave your husband in charge and go shopping that is a pretty organized, stress-free move. Don’t you agree?

Check back soon to see the before and after pictures of the apartment.



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