Back to School – Oraganizing Your Locker

It’s official, school started today.

I thought I would dedicate this post to the kids who started school today and who are excited about organizing and decorating their lockers. Do you believe I was one of those kids??? Of course I was!!!!

The essentials for locker organizing and decorating:

  • Pictures and Command Picture Hanging strips


  • Locker Shelf


  • Mirror


  • Pencil/Pen and notepad holder

While I was researching locker decor, I found this AWESOME website for decorating girls lockers. Sorry boys. Apparently my list above is like I titled it – the essentials.  If you would like to decorate and organize your locker with a bit more pizazz, then this website is for you!

Isn’t that website so much fun! Makes me wish I was back in school just so I could get all those fun accessories. I wish they had these accessories when I was back in school, especially the chandelier!

Here is how I would decorate and organize my locker…haha

Yes, I just took about an hour out of my day to play and pretend I was organizing and decorating my locker. I know you are about to do the same…

I would love to see how you organized or decorated your kids locker or how your kids decorated and organized their lockers. Feel free to e-mail me with pictures.

Happy Back To School!



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