Featured Space: Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

I am so excited to be featuring Jen from The Social Home She is our first featured space on Planning Makes Perfection and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m just letting you know that this pantry makeover is AMAZING! I get so giddy when I read her blog, because like her, I love DIY projects and LABELS. Are you ready for an amazing pantry makeover?

Here is what Jen did…

“After my first visit to Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago (seriously, how can we NOT have this in Canada- the place is INSANE!) I realized that I needed to up the ante on my pantry prettiness. The vintage graphics and nostalgic packaging of many of Trader Joe’s house brands just filled me with complete and utter glee. I even left the bag of flour on my counter for a good two weeks just so I could stare at it while I was cooking. So, at that I decided to redesign my pantry labels and pick up some more containers and get this pantry (aka just a cupboard since I don’t have a pantry) into shape.






I headed to the dollar store and here is the cost break down:

8 x Vintage Looking Square Glass Containers $1.50 each = $12
6 x Large Plastic Bulk Containers $2.00 each: $12
6 x Glass Round Containers $2.00 each: $12
20 x Clear plastic “disposable” containers $2 for 10 = $4
4 x White Plastic Baskets $2 Each: $8
Total Cost: $48

Not bad, hey? Of course, I think the labels really help make it (if I do say so myself!). I ended up printing out a gazillion of them for everything I could think of to label. I even labeled the canisters I keep on my counters because they are just so pretty. I LOVE the white baskets. I’ve put them in my fridge as well, and in person they are sturdy and clean and modern looking and definitely not “dollar storey.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I walk over to the kitchen and open up the cabinet and just stare… and smile. That’s what organization should feel like, right? Well, let’s just say I’m certainly inspired to continue the label love throughout my entire home…”

“These plastic lunch containers above are not the best quality around…at all. They do crack sometimes…they aren’t super seal proof so not sure I would ever use them for wet stuff, but at 20 cents a piece, I can afford to replace them when the kick the bucket. And they’ve held out for me for a couple of months already. That being said, when I find something better, I will likely upgrade.

“The baskets that I used in the fridge are amazing! Why have I yet to think of something so simple? All those bits of cheese and containers of feta and chevre, well, they now have a place! Leftovers, you know where you go! So simple yet so genius. And they don’t cost a fortune like other fridge inserts I’ve seen.”

Well, there you have it. Amazing, right?  Are you as inspired as I am to create fantastic labels and to redo your pantry?

  • It is just PRETTY!   We both believe that organizing and decorating should be practical, clean and pretty.
  • I love labels, especially pretty ones!  The font and color coordinates with the rest of her home decor.
  • Clear storage is key when organizing the pantry. It preserves the food longer and you can quickly find what you are looking for (also great when making your inventory list).
  • Having matching containers is always suggested if you want to have a cohesive, organized pantry, like Jen. Matching items create a clean, organized and cohesive look.
  • Using pull out baskets in the fridge is genius!  Easy for everyone! Pull out baskets will save her from throwing away forgotten food and makes it so much easier to find just what she is looking for.
  • Jen created her champagne taste (high-end look) on a beer budget (dollar store).  I originally found her pictures on Pinterest.  Had I not read her blog, I would have never thought she found her containers at the Dollar Store.

Jen has left me inspired! How about you?  Thank you for the reminder that we don’t always have to spend $$$; we simply can create high-end looks on a dollar store budget. This tip applies to anywhere in the house…

I highly recommend checking out Jen’s blog here, where you can find great DIY dollar store project ideas as well as labels and organizing tips!



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