News!! Read All About It…


It has been a little over a month since I last posted because I have been CRAZY busy!!!  I’m excited to share with you what has been going on and all our fantastic news!!!

Are you ready to Read All About It???

  • Over the holidays we decided to move to a larger unit in our building.  I know what you are thinking…didn’t they just move?  Yes we did, but we needed another bedroom.
  • We needed the extra bedroom for a nursery because we are adopting a baby.
  • Since our home study is on Saturday, I’ve been cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, creating new systems, pretty much anything that shows our social worker we are clean, organized and system friendly.
  • I have been designing the nursery, which is a fun process!!!
  • I wanted to share the process of our adoption, so we started an adoption blog.  It is called The Stork in the Cabbage Patch.
  • I am updating  The Perfect Household Planner, creating new checklists, and working on adding additional products to my online shop.

Well, as you can see I have been busy.  Check back soon for posts on decorating our apartment, the process of designing a nursery, how to register for baby products, our adoption process, new and improved checklists and so much more!

Happy Wednesday!



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