Get Organized 101 – Week #2 Closets


We are continuing to organize closets this week.  You can continue to organize your master closet like I am (it is taking me longer than planned to organized my closet, because I hurt my back),  secondary bedroom closets, kids closets, guest room closets, etc.

I shared in Get Organized 101- Week #1  Master Closet my organizing master closet inspiration, so it today’s post, I’m sharing my inspiration for organizing other closets in your home.

Foyer Closet


Secondary Bedroom Closets

Some use their secondary bedroom closets for pocket offices, craft room storage, gift wrapping and so much more.  Get creative in your closets if you need more space.




Kids Closets





I know you are the only one who usually sees what is behind the closet doors, but isn’t it a good feeling to know that if someone were to open the closet doors, they would be organized?

I’m looking forward to sharing my closet reveals on Friday with you! Happy Organizing!



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