Get Organized 101 – My Master Closet Reveal

Thanks to Pinterest and the internet, we have seen the amazing dreamy closets. You know the ones I’m talking about…the ones with all the storage for every type of item, a place to sit, custom-built ins,  even two stories.  Although we can’t have these crazy amazing closets, we can look at them for inspiration and use many of the organizing solutions to incorporate into our closets.  I’ve learned a lot from looking at the amazing dreamy closets and of course all my years organizing.  I’m excited to share with you my favorite tips, which are incorporated in my Master Closet Reveal.

  • Go through all your items and decide what you will keep, donate or toss. However, DO NOT remove everything from your closet like most organization website tell you to do (only remove the items that you are wanting to donate or toss).  I think that is actually the worst thing you can do; you want to organize and put a system in place, not be disorganized by having piles of clothing on the floor or on your bed.  Organizing and reorganizing takes time.  It is a lot easier to take your time, walk away if need be and then go back to it.
  • When organizing your closet, you want to set it up so that it always stays organized.  The best way to do this is by coming up with a plan and take inventory of the items you decided to keep.  Think through the “trouble spots” and the unused space and then find the right storage pieces to always help you stay organized.
  • To gain the maximum closet storage, add a mixture of different storage methods. Vertical storage organizers, horizontal storage organizers, hanging rods, hooks, over the door organizers, cubbies, drawers, storage bins, shelves all provide an organized and versatile closet.
  • Organize clothing by type {shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, etc.} and then by color.  Think ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
  • Be mindful of how often your use certain types of clothing.  Frequently used items should be stored within arms reach and less often used items should be stored higher. Don’t forget to have a foldable stool in your closet to reach the items on higher shelves.
  • Use the same type and color hangers for all your hanging clothes.  This gives your closet a clean finish and makes it look more boutique like.
  • If you are going to use boxes to store your shoes, use clear boxes so you can easily see your shoes.  An added bonus would be to take photos of the shoes and label the fronts of the boxes.
  • If your closet isn’t large enough to hold all your clothing, store seasonal items under your bed, other closets, etc.
  • Most closets don’t come with custom built-ins, so adding a dresser or bookcase gives your closet additional storage.
  • If you are using a dresser in your closet, a great way to keep items organized is to use drawer dividers.  Tip: If you are on a budget, use dollar store baskets as drawer dividers.
  • As you finish organizing your closet, add a few finishing touches such as lighting, a rug to bring in some color, artwork, etc. Remember to treat your closet as if it were another room in your home.

Are you ready for the reveal????


I decided to keep the wire shelving and add a mixture of additional storage, so I would stay within my budget.  I used the over the door shoe organizer to store my flip-flops and the over the door rack for my belts.  My clothing is organized by season, type of clothing and by color (ROY G BIV).


I bought the plastic shoe boxes from Walt-Mart several years ago for around $30.00.

The vertical organizers are from Target at $15.00 each.  My jeans, casual pants, shorts and
t-shirts on stored on the them by type of pant (skinny, boot cut, flare, etc.).
Framing shopping bags from your favorite stores are always a great way to spruce up your closet
and are budget friendly.
I love black and white photos, especially of the glamorous Marilyn Monroe.
The frames are from Wal-Mart at $3.00 each.
In the above pictures, I’ve added artwork and quotes to make my closet more boutique, Old Hollywood glamor like.
The only thing I have left is to take pictures of my shoes and label the front of the plastic shoe boxes.
Well, that is my organized master closet.   I hope you like it as much as I do!  If you have any tips or ideas on how I can improve anything, leave me a comment.

2 thoughts on “Get Organized 101 – My Master Closet Reveal

  1. Now this is an incredible closet! I love the idea of framing the shopping bags. I’m moving to Atlanta this summer and will definitely take some of these ideas with me to my new closet!


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