Introducing TWO new blogs

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m so excited to introduce two new blogs that I’ve created.  In addition to blogger here, I will also be blogging at Bunless in the Oven and The Modern Day Momma.

Bunless in the Oven is a blog where I share our story and talk about infertility and all the struggles and emotions that come along with it.  If you know someone who is struggling with infertility or even second infertility, please send them over to the blog. Please let them know they aren’t alone in this difficult journey.

The Modern Day Momma is a blog where I share my life as a mom to an adorable, active little boy who keeps me very busy. I will blog about being a first-time mom, parenting tips, staying organized, and so much more! The blog is very much like Planning Makes Perfection, except it is geared more to being a mom.

I hope you’ll stop by and check them out!

Hope y’all have a great and safe weekend!




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