Week 1 Home Organization Challenge:Holiday Decorations

Saturday marked the beginning of our weekly home organization challenge.  We are starting with decluttering, purging and organizing our holiday decorations.

Traditionally, holiday decorations should be put away by January 6th (the 12th night after Christmas), but I guess I’m breaking tradition by just starting today…oops!

Organizing Holiday Decorations Plan and Checklist:

  1. Declutter and get rid of decorations you no longer want or use
  2. Take inventory of the remaining decorations and put them into categories
  3. Determine what types of decoration storage you will need
  4. Label each storage item with the contents inside
  5. Put your decorations in storage…until next year.  (Only 350 days till Christmas)

The Process: 

  1. Take down the decorations. This is the time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer want or need.  If you have items in storage, go through the contents and determine what you no longer want or need as well.  Put the items you no longer want into a donation pile and donate them.

Items to get rid of:

  • Anything you no longer like
  • Items you avoid and keep in storage year after year
  • Broken items that are beyond repair

2.  Now that you have decluttered and determined what you really want to keep, put the items into categories.

Suggested Caterogies:

  • Ornaments and decorations for the Christmas tree
  • Indoor lights
  • Artificial items such as wreaths and garland
  • Nativity scenes and Christmas villages
  • Free Standing decorations
  • Outdoor lights
  • Lawn ornaments and decorations
  • Breakable Christmas dishes
  • Non-breakable Christmas dishes
  • Candles
  • Miscellaneous decorations

3.  Determine what containers you will need to store everything in.  I suggested plastic containers.  They will protect your decorations from extreme heat, cold, moisture, dust, dirt and those pesky bugs.

4. As your are putting your decorations into the storage boxes, on a notecard, write each item that will be stored in the box. Place the card on the top of the contents so you’ll know what is in the box when you open the lid next year.

5.  Find a place to store all of your decorations until next year.



Since technically we are already passed January 6th, take your time if you need to with this challenge.  You have all week.  If you are like me, I need to get this done quickly, because the tree needs to go in the trash tomorrow night.

Please share your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #pmporgchallenge, blog and link back to this challenge and share your before and after pictures.   Good luck.  I’ll see you next week for week 2 challenge.



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