Week 5 Home Organizing Challenge

How's everyone doing with the challenges?  It is going great at our house.  I'll be posting several pictures this week on my social media accounts, as well as putting a couple update posts on the blog. Today, starts week 5 home organizing challenge.  The refrigerator and freezer are some of the most used appliances in … Continue reading Week 5 Home Organizing Challenge


Week 1 Home Organization Challenge:Holiday Decorations

Saturday marked the beginning of our weekly home organization challenge.  We are starting with decluttering, purging and organizing our holiday decorations. Traditionally, holiday decorations should be put away by January 6th (the 12th night after Christmas), but I guess I'm breaking tradition by just starting today...oops! Organizing Holiday Decorations Plan and Checklist: Declutter and get rid … Continue reading Week 1 Home Organization Challenge:Holiday Decorations